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ClickMSG is one product that every Facebook advertiser is going to need, because there’s no other simple way to run Messenger ads. Everyone who wants to advertise on Facebook using Messenger ads (and that means EVERYONE) will want this.

What we’ve got here is a winner, and it’s got the perfect selling argument. It’s the painkiller, that’s absolutely vital if you want to run those ads.

So how would you like to be its owner?

This is Only Going To Happen Once!

Yes, we’ve never done that before and we will probably never do it again, but this time we decided to push the envelope a little and do something radical.

Yes, if you are quick, you can get

White label rights to ClickMSG

Call it anything and sell it yourself. Keep all of the profits.

Complete source code to ClickMSG

The entire source code and the database. Any programmer with the right knowledge can modify or enhance it.

We’ve never given away source code for one of our software before, and this is the only time we think we will do this.

So here’s your chance to become the owner of the ClickMSG app with absolutely no restrictions. Use it, modify it, sell it, do whatever you want, and keep all the cash!

Get ClickMSG White Label & Keep Earning Monthly

ClickMSG is a SAAS and buyers are used to paying a monthly fee for SAAS. You can easily set it up on a server, set up a quick sales page and create a monthly recurring income for yourself with a very powerful and compelling product.

Heck! You can even launch it on platforms like JVZoo, W+ or Clickbank.

If you’re a marketer looking for a product to sell, this is the winner you need.

  • You Get White label Rights.
  • You can sell this any way you want, at any price.
  • You can launch it.
  • You get the source code.
  • You never have to give us a cent!

Yep, just drive some traffic, or promote to your list, or recruit affiliates. The earning opportunities are practically endless.

Get ClickMSG Whitelabel + Source Code

Start Your Recurring Software
Business Today

Whitelabel + Source Code
No Launch Rights
Whitelabel + Source Code +
Launch Rights


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which language is the source code in?

A. C#, ASP.Net MVC With MySQL database.

Q. Where can I find a coder to modify it?

A. Any site like Freelancer, Upwork, Jobrack etc. This is a very common skill.

Q. What do I need to host it?

A. A windows VPS space. It starts at $7 a month with winvps.

Q. Do I have full rights to the source code?

A. Yes. Modify it any way you want. Enhance it. You have no restrictions. You cannot claim however, that your product is based on, or is a version of ClickMSG. Keep your branding separate from us.

Q. Can I launch this on JVZoo or other markets?

A. Yes, if you buy the launch rights then you can.

Q. Will you help me set it up?

A. For a fee we can consider doing this, but only if time is available, so don’t take it as a given. You can hire someone from the freelancer sites to do this pretty easily.

Q. Is the code tested and robust?

A. We are giving you the same code which will be online on ClickMSG.Net at the time of the launch. While we are expert programmers with years of experience, we do not make any warranties. You get the code on an as-is basis.