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  • Instantly get 3X GREATER reach and 100% inboxing with EVERY marketing message you send
  • Sell to engaged customers INSIDE their FB inbox
  • AUTOMATE service, support and long term profits

All delivered instantly and completely hands-free! Here’s how:


Login and connect your FB account … unlimited ad accounts are supported


Login and connect your FB account … unlimited ad accounts are supported


Login and connect your FB account … unlimited ad accounts are supported


Login and connect your FB account … unlimited ad accounts are supported

Connect, Select & AUTOMATICALLY Engage YOUR Best Customers

100% Personalized & Customized To SKYROCKET Your Conversions


As soon as anyone comments on one of your selected posts, they’ll receive a custom private message DIRECTLY to their FB inbox.


You already know how well this works … when was the last time you DIDN’T open a private message?


Facebook knows it as well, and that’s why it’s opened up this platform to marketers … and given MSGHero complete API access. The software is 100% compliant with all FB terms of service so you get 100% inboxing GUARANTEED.


Retargeting ReInvented: Instant, Permanent & FREE


When you serve retargeting ads, some prospects will see them and others will ignore them. Depending on your budget, some of your audience may only see your ad one time. Then it’s gone and you’re out of sight, out of mind.


But you’ve still gotta pay to keep those ads running.


MSGHero connects you with your top prospects without needing to invest a penny in ads. Even better?


You now have a direct & PERMANENT line of communication with your audience.


Once someone comments on your MSGHero - enabled posts, they get an automated private message.


Which gives you the opportunity to direct message them ANY time in the future. You’ve got an open conversation that can last a lifetime … building your trust while increasing conversions and long term sales.


Custom Messages For YOUR Customers Made Easy


Put your FB marketing on autopilot with automated engagement - reply to anyone that comments on any of your posts


Dynamic Personalization lets you customize any message with 1st or last name, full name, date or day of week


Triple your message open rate while getting 100% delivery


Anti-Duplication tech recognizes commenters by username, so no single user gets the same message twice


Send IMPOSSIBLE to resist messages with notifications across ALL devices


Inclusion Keywords: choose to reply ONLY to users that use certain positive keywords or phrases


Create UNIQUE messages for every user with built-in spin text


Exclusion Keywords: choose to NOT reply to users that use negative keywords or phrases


Sell INSIDE the FB inbox with clickable links to any page or offer


Reach only your most TARGETED audience that’s truly interested in what you have to offer

Even More Powerful Features Include:


User-friendly dashboard shows ALL posts & message campaigns so it’s SIMPLE to set up new promos


Works just as easily with dark, hidden and unpublished posts - maximize sales & profits from marketing posts you leave off your public pages


Increase readability of your marketing messages up to 10X over traditional methods


Retarget your BEST prospects without paying for ads OR competing with other marketers


Complete video training on how to setup campaigns and maximize results from the software


Finally get paid what you’re worth for posting valuable content


100% set & forget - once you create a campaign, MSGHero constantly monitors your posts and comments, then replies to commenters with unique messages


Increase your FB page responsiveness score, meaning even higher organic reach


Facebook’s not going away. And people are going to keep opening up their FB messages. This is YOUR time to take advantage.


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