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This really is worth making exclusive because using this you will have a profitable and revenue-making business all on its own merit without even needing to spend a single dollar on Facebook advertising.

How can that happen?

You know that Facebook is the biggest online platform for advertisers right now and advertisers of every class right from global brands to hyper-local businesses are using Facebook to reach their market.

Local businesses are spending thousands of dollars a month advertising their services on Facebook. That includes dentists, plumbers, car dealerships, furniture stores and every other sort of business you can imagine.

So why don’t you grab some of the money the local businesses are spending by showing them a better way?

ClickMSG is revolutionary technology that unlocks a hitherto untouched ad format for local businesses.

What if you went to them and told them

Customers can talk to them live on Facebook!

They can answer questions, make offers and close sales.

They can reach their customers in a much more powerful and engaging way than they’ve been using so far.

You can bet they are going to go for it. Local businesses crave personal engagement and for them the capability to talk to a customer and close the deal immediately is a dream come true.

They don’t need any special device or software!

Just their regular Smartphone and they can get every customer’s message right on it!

Yes, drive local businesses wild, and charge them a recurring fee, or fee for every lead delivered.

What can it be worth to each business? $250 a month? $1,000 a month? How much do you think they will pay for the leads? $10? $25? $50?

Whichever way you decide to go, you’re going to unlock a huge tsunami of profit for yourself.

All you need is to get the Agency version of ClickMSG.

Unlock Huge Client Profits With ClickMSG Agency

All you need to do is make a few calls, or run local ads on Facebook,

and you can create a recurring income stream for yourself that just won’t cease.

Sell them real leads who are 100% qualified.

Run their campaigns for them and they will be happy to sign you up and pay you for it because local business owners are too busy to learn all of this on their own or they simply don’t have the knack to do this.

So be the first guy to bring them this powerful new technology and charge anything from $150 to $500 a month from each customer!

Managing each will not take more than a few minutes every few days, and with just that much of work, you’ll be able to promote give them a measurable boost, and actual live leads!

Just demo ClickMSG’s results for 2-3 days and you’ll have a lifelong customer.

All you need to snag is 10 customers, and you’ll be making $1500 to $2500 a month!

So take our advice, don’t sit around waiting any longer. Trust us, nobody made any money that way.

Instead, get ClickMSG Agency and commit yourself to reaching out to at least 25 people this week (That’s 5 people a day)!

Create a powerful recurring revenue stream for yourself today!

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Want to find local businesses and prospects who can buy this service from you? Get this powerful leads finder that lets you find any kind of business for any local market complete with their emails and their phone numbers. Just search and call!

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